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The world of Dell parts can be somewhat confusing, we've listed some of the most fequently asked questions and the answers to help find the service parts you need to get your computer or laptop working as intended.

Q. I have a [insert Model] Computer and would like to install an uprated power supply, can I do this?
A. We do not recommend this, we recommend like for like parts. Whilst it may be possible to install third party power supplies in some Dell systems, we don't recommend you do so.
Q. I've broken my laptop screen! If I tell you the model or the tag number of my laptop can you tell me which screen I need?
A. Unfortunately we can't. The connecting cables for laptop screens do differ even within the same model of laptop. You will need to find the part number of your current screen by taking out of its surround (the bezel) and locating the number.
Q. I've been advised a part number, but when I look at my existing part it seems have a different number? Shouldn't I have the exact part?
A. In most cases Dell source their parts from a number of manufacturers but don't retain the same part number of these items. Although its always worth double-checking that the part is a correct alternative part, you shouldn't be too concerned.
Q. You don't seem to have the part I need, can I order it from you?
A. We can attempt to source your part for you, although as can be appreciated it could take some time. If you use the query form on the bottom on the parts list page we will endeavor to find the part you require and let you know if we can't.




















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Find Dell Part Numbers

 Finding the Correct Dell Part Number 

Dell Part numbers are easy to find once you know how.

Normally situated near on on a label with a barcode labels , the part number can be found in the   6 digits following the two digit country prefix indicating country of manufacture.

Most commonly called 'CN' numbers because of the most ubiquitous of codes. The common prefix codes are:


For example, the Part Number on the left is 0G278C, or G278C omitting the leading zero as is common practise amongst service companies.

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